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Board of Directors

Name Position Picture
Ato Dilamo Otore Chair Person alt
Ato Amare Shibesh Member alt
W/ro Alimaz Abrha
Ato Abdulfeta Yesuf
Member alt
Ato Haregot Alemu
Member alt
Ato Erimas Mathyas
Member alt

Powers & duties of Board of Directors

  • Directors have the duty to carry out the powers & Responsibilities entrusted to them by Virtue of the commercial code, memorandum & articles of Association & the decisions passed by the General Assembly
  • Board of Directors in Particular Shall have the following Powers
    • Monitor the Administration of the company
    • Without Prejudice to the decisions passed by the General Assembly of the Shareholders, take the necessary steps to carry out the objectives of the company
    • Approve the Personnel and administration policy prepared by the General Manager of the company
    • Borrow & lend money, furnish Security for loans, Remit debtors debts by instrument.
    • Amicably settle dispute outside Judicial Proceedings.
  • Whenever deemed necessary, the Board of Directors may assign all or part of its Power to the chairman or to any appointed members of the Company.
  • Boards of Directors have the powers and duties stated under article 362,363 & 364 of the Commercial Code.
  • The Board of Directors shall have the Power to Appoint and dismiss the General Manager & the managers directly accountable to him.