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To become a sustainable financial institution, active contributor towards poverty reduction effort and would like to see improvements in the life of low-income people.


To contribute to the eradication of poverty and unemployment prevailing in addis ababa and surrounding through providing demand driven financial services is a sustainable way mainly for MSEs with special focus to women.


As to the revised proclamation No. 626/2009, AdCSI has an objective to collect deposits and extend credit to rural and urban farmers, and people engaged in other similar activities as well as micro and small scale rural and urban entrepreneurs, the maximum amount of which may be determined by the national bank.


  • Provision of credit and saving services to as many active poor as possible;
  • Enhance the development of micro and small enterprises;
  • that all entrepreneurial activities with scale of micro and small should be given access to financial services;
  • Give priority to women in the provision of financial services;
  • Enhance the culture of saving by the target group and the public at large.
  • Create long term self employment in income generating activities;
  • Assure financial and operational self sufficiency of the institution.


    • Accepting both voluntary and compulsory savings as well as demand and time deposit;
    • Extending credit to rural and urban farmers and people engaged in other similar activities as well as micro and small-scale rural and urban entrepreneurs;
    • Drawing accepting draft payable within Ethiopia;
    • Micro-insurance business as prescribed by directives to be issued by national bank;
    • Purchasing income generating financial instruments such as treasury bills and other short term instruments as the national bank may determine as appropriate.
    • Acquiring maintaining and transferring any movable and immovable property including premises for carrying out its business;
    • Supporting income generating projects of urban and rural micro and small scale operators;
    • Rendering managerial, marketing, technical, and administrative advice to customers and assisting them to obtain services in those fields ;
    • Managing funds for micro and small scale business;
    • Providing local money transfer services;
    • Providing financial leasing services to peasant farmer, micro and small-scale urban and rural entrepreneurs in accordance with the capital goods leasing business proclamation No. 103/1998 ; and
    • Engaging in other activities as specified by directives of the national bank from time to time.

    Board of Directors

    Name Position Picture
    Ato Dilamo Otore Chair Person alt
    Ato Amare Shibesh Member alt
    W/ro Alimaz Abrha
    Ato Abdulfeta Yesuf
    Member alt
    Ato Haregot Alemu
    Member alt
    Ato Erimas Mathyas
    Member alt

    Powers & duties of Board of Directors

    • Directors have the duty to carry out the powers & Responsibilities entrusted to them by Virtue of the commercial code, memorandum & articles of Association & the decisions passed by the General Assembly
    • Board of Directors in Particular Shall have the following Powers
      • Monitor the Administration of the company
      • Without Prejudice to the decisions passed by the General Assembly of the Shareholders, take the necessary steps to carry out the objectives of the company
      • Approve the Personnel and administration policy prepared by the General Manager of the company
      • Borrow & lend money, furnish Security for loans, Remit debtors debts by instrument.
      • Amicably settle dispute outside Judicial Proceedings.
    • Whenever deemed necessary, the Board of Directors may assign all or part of its Power to the chairman or to any appointed members of the Company.
    • Boards of Directors have the powers and duties stated under article 362,363 & 364 of the Commercial Code.
    • The Board of Directors shall have the Power to Appoint and dismiss the General Manager & the managers directly accountable to him.